Slow Progress

Just a short note to fill you in that progress is moving frustratingly slow. The summer season is upon us and it seems getting responses from engineers, trades and all is getting more difficult. Our work crew has been decimated so what should have been complete by now is still a couple months away at our current pace. Workers, seeing we are near completion, move on because they don’t want to be without work. Unfortunately, that makes the work drag on seemingly forever.

We have been pushing very hard to get our final inspections for occupancy – but I haven’t even been able to speak with the engineers for about a week now – so nothing is happening on that front so far as I know. I will try again tomorrow.


June 9 Update

The first tenants are moving into suite 102 June 15th. These are the second applicants to apply; we didn’t accept the first applicants.

Suites 103 and 205 are owner occupied.

Suites on the 1st floor have the tile back splashes completed.

Suites 104, 105 & 201 are rent ready.

A new non-resident owner takes possession of suite 201 effective June 12th.

All flooring with transition strips, molding and trim is complete.


June 5 Update

The owner of 103 has moved back; the owner of 205 is in the process of moving back.

We’ve requested that the Engineers complete their Report so we can get an Occupancy Permit for the 3rd & 4th floors.

We’re receiving requests for rentals, although we haven’t done any advertising yet.

The large spruce at the north end of the building has been removed and the stump ground down. Unknown to us the centre of the tree was rotten, so it’s a good thing it was taken down.

The insurance company finally paid for the damaged heating cabinets they previously refused to pay. Two Change Orders approved February 26th have still not been paid & no reason has been given.  There are an additional six Change Orders the insurance company has refused to pay; all of these are either Code issues or were not included in the original Scope of Work & therefore not quoted. The last cheque we received from the insurance company also short paid three Change Orders. The amount outstanding that the insurance company owes with these Change Orders is approx. $36,700. We have given the insurance company a deadline of June 6 to respond.

Two additional new Change Orders are in the process of being submitted. These were Code issues that the Fire Dept & the Engineers requested we remedy when we had final inspection prior to our Occupancy Permit for the 1st & 2nd floors. These include door closers on all suites (Fire Code) and new emergency lighting (Building Code).

In the next couple of weeks we will have a new website in place for prospective Tenants. It will replace the content of this website so this information will not be available online again. We will provide you with details of the Tenant website so you can view.

May 16 Update

We had a City and Fire Inspection this afternoon and we have an Occupancy Permit for floors 1 and 2. The Fire Department has requested closers on all suite doors. Since this is a Fire Code requirement this will be another Change Order for the insurance company to deal with.

Appliances for the 4th floor were delivered today & have been partially installed.

May 15 Update

Mail delivery at Patricia commenced as of May 1st; I forgot to mention that in previous Updates.

All carpet and carpet baseboards are now installed on all 4 floors, landings and stairwells. Some transition strips still need to be installed between carpet and laminate.

All the paperwork has been completed for an Occupancy Permit & we are waiting for the City to do an inspection. Since bathroom fixtures and kitchen sinks are not installed in all suites on the 3rd and 4th floors we expect to get a Partial Occupancy Permit for floors 1 and 2 only.

Things are progressing!

No progress yet from the Adjuster or the insurance company on 7 Change Orders where work has been completed but insurance has not approved payment.

May 12 Update

We are still waiting for approval on 7 Change Orders & have heard nothing from the Adjuster. We have again contacted the insurance company directly on this. We have completed all the work on these Change Orders and to date the Condo has paid the bills.

Painting is almost complete – 2 suites require a 2nd coat of paint and the stairwells 2 coats of paint.

The heating cabinets are completely installed.

Flooring is scheduled for final inspection on Thursday.

We are still waiting for custom build of siding on the balcony of suite #403 to match the existing siding.

New hallway lighting is complete. New exterior LED flood lights are complete.

Appliances for the 4th floor are scheduled to arrive Friday.

There was an almost impossible short circuit in the new fire alarm system that the alarm company has now traced and fixed. The fire alarm was fully functional, however if a component was missing (i.e. fire bell) the alarm system was not recognizing that it was missing – this is a requirement of new fire code. We are waiting for inspection of the alarm system. When inspection has passed we will apply for an Occupancy Permit from the City.


Apr 30 Update

2014-04-30 13.21.04The spruce tree at the north end of the building was cut down, chipped & removed today by Davey Tree. They will be coming back to grind out the stump.

The fire alarm testing done yesterday began with turning off power to the panel the day before. After being without power for 12 hours the alarms were activated and left to run for 30 minutes, still on battery power. This is to ensure that battery back-up is adequate. Every device in the system was individually checked and tested. Everything passed.

2014-04-30 12.44.51

1st floor hallway


The 1st floor hallway has been smoothed out by adding a skim coat of concrete, but it requires one more coat to complete. It will then be ready for carpet tile installation.

2014-04-30 12.45.12 - Copy






A levelling compound was applied in a couple of places on the 2nd floor hallway prior to carpet tile being installed. The 2nd floor carpet tile installation is about 2/3 complete.


Saturday morning some teens will be picking up miscellaneous garbage around the property as well as going through the building and removing accumulated construction left overs.

Apr 29 Update

We had a Fire Alarm Verification Inspection today. The core inspection passed, however we have been asked to supplement the alarm system in a couple of areas. The work will be complete by some time tomorrow. With that completion we will be able to request City Inspection for a partial Occupancy Permit for floors 1 and 2.

Apr 24 Update

New drain covers have been added to the 6 floor drains in the 1st floor hallway to make the floor level and ready for carpet.

A new fire alarm panel has been installed & is being hooked-up to the newly integrated alarm system in the building. We had to do an upgrade to meet Code, however this upgrade is more than is currently required by Code. This means the entire system will not need to be replaced in the next few years when Code is upgraded again (long term cost saving).

We have contacted private waste management companies for garbage pick up & will be contracting with them rather than the City of Edmonton. This will reduce our monthly costs my approximately half.


Apr 23 Update

Exterior LED lighting is complete on the building; there is lighting at both the north & south ends of the building, as well as the front and back.

DSC05323 DSC05324 DSC05328 DSC05327

South side of building (main entry)





Front of building





3 lights on back of building (parking lot)






North side of building




New suspended ceiling is complete on the 1st floor & new lighting has been installed. Flooring still to be installed.


New suspended ceiling – 1st floor & new lighting. Much brighter!





All doors have been painted; 4th floor doors are new. New door numbers are being installed – 1st and 2nd floor complete; 3rd & 4th floor in process.

2014-04-23 16.12.53

Newly painted doors & new door numbers





We’re still waiting to hear from the Adjuster & still have not received payment for the 2nd roof claim.